About MyLegalSpace

Mylegalspace is a web portal designed for progressive law firms who look to, and understand the importnace of, cutting-edge technology for efficiency gains and improved working processes. Mylegalspace is the future of case work and client contact and it is available now!

Mylegalspace allows multi-stakeholder collaborative working while improving client contact and case involvement. The mylegalspace portal is accessed by involved parties from a web page and provides users with a platform for document transmission, task completion and real time updates for matters. mylegalspace assists fee earners in managing a case and improving their client service, in the process catering to the increasingly demanding needs of consumers in the modern legal market.


Overall firm efficiency is hugely improved through the integration of mylegalspace into the operating procedures of a firm. As a platform for case updates, task completion and secure document transfer mylegalspace ensures clients and stakeholders are involved and up to date. At the same time part of the telephone and email communication burden on a firm is removed.

Collaborative working and better communication ultimately makes transactions more profitable by reducing costs, speeding up working processes and increasing the overall efficiency of fee-earning staff.

Client Service

Bring your clients a totally new way to stay in touch with their case at any time wherever they are. mylegalspace delivers proactive client communication by advising of case progress and tasks to be completed via email, SMS and even Twitter.

Collaborative Working

The idea of collaborative working has always been hugely important to the legal profession. With numerous parties involved in a single transaction collaboration can be crucial to the efficient progression of a matter. However,although this concept is understood, achieving it is often out of reach for law firms.

Mylegalspace changes this by providing a new generation of e-collaboration. With all involved parties accessing the portal to update themselves, review documentation and complete assigned tasks. For any firm trying to build upon their operational capabilities through improved collaboration mylegaalspace will assist them in simplifying the matter management process.

Marketing & Brand Building

Mylegalspace can help market your firm and build your brand in two major ways:

The mylegalspace portal and the entire range of electronic messages/updates which the system produces can be branded.

The provision of a new convenient platform for communication and case work will mean your firm gains a competitive differentiator in the eyes of both clients and third party work providers. You win new business and more importantly, you'll keep it.

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